Our Partnerships

Our Partnership with Pulsant

Sigam are pleased to announce our partnership with Pulsant. So not only can we support your business applications and infrastructure, we are now able to offer discounted hosting for your servers in state of the art datacentres.

Here are some of the reasons we chose Pulsant

Pulsant own and operate a nationwide network of 10 UK enterprise-class datacentres with a global presence in the US, Asia and Europe. It allows you to get your content closer to your customers through their international CDN.

Cost Effective

Flexibility for customer data sizes ranging from 250GB to 2PB+

Global Footprint

Global scale so that your business is not limited by IT systems being located in the UK.


A solution provider that can supplement your own datacentre with additional services around cloud, managed hosting, security and more so that you can grow without barriers.

Carrier Neutral

Meaning they work with over 30 networking providers to deliver connectivity that never compromises on performance, speed or availability. By working with over 30 carriers and ISPs, their network is one of the most connected in the UK. Multi-carrier connectivity provides network and service independence, delivering complete choice, control and resilience for their customers.

Supplier Partnerships

The strong relationships we have with our suppliers enable us to offer licensed software at competitive, discounted rates. Currently we can offer:

  • Microsoft
  • Symantec
  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • Kaspersky
  • Red Hat
  • Sophos

Contact us for pricing or for a quotation to supply your licences