SIGAM Limited - remote IT outsourcing

Rapid developments in Information Technology mean continuously having to train and add to your permanent staff.
There is a more cost-effective and easier way: Outsource your required skills to SIGAM, a third-party provider of IT skills.

SIGAM is a specialist provider of skilled outsourced staff on a remote basis. We provide staff and services at a fraction of the cost of a UK hire, without the headaches associated with handling various overseas staff such as language, culture, and time differences.
SIGAM can supply outsourced staff on a one-off or rolling contract basis for the following:


Meeting your strategic needs

  • Service levels tailored to business needs
  • Access to a broad base of technology and industry and strategic skills to your business.
  • Stability of your business.
  • Predictability, transparency and the ability to flex costs.


For more details and examples of the work we get involved in, visit here.
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