The benefits of outsourcing IT tasks

The benefits of outsourcing IT tasks

As a specialist in outsourcing IT skills and tasks, SIGAM provides an invaluable service to many different organisations to meet their IT challenges.

Apart from the cost savings outsourcing can provide, other benefits include:

Reduced overheads

Professional and specialist IT staff are in high demand and usually command a high price. Social costs and annual leave mean looking at outsourced remote staff becomes a desirable proposition.

Operational Control

IT departments often have to juggle many different projects. Multiple projects increase the risk of costs running out of control or over time. Outsourcing provides a fixed budget and allows team members to focus on their main tasks.

An added benefit is that team members and managers who see projects handled by outsourced staff can concentrate on reducing cost.

Specialist skills

Specialist skills requirements can be outsourced: From software and app development, server migration and ERP integration. Outsourcing, if managed well, brings better-managed resources to your organisation.



Focus on core activities

During periods of change and growth, outsourcing can help your company make the transition smoothly. IT departments are often overloaded with requests for modifications to existing architecture and other support issues. Outsourcing routine and mundane tasks in turbulent times means your organisation can focus on its goals and meet its customer requirements.

Staffing flexibility

Many organisations are continuously training staff to meet CPD goals. Holidays and maternity leave can mean your employees are not always available when most needed. Outsourced IT staff are available for tasks such as server administration and monitoring your existing infrastructure. Adding this flexibility means you will not be delayed in meeting your organisation's most urgent requirements.

HR management becomes easy, as you’re not adding headcount to your organisation. It doesn’t need lengthy onboarding and can be finished when a project is completed. There are no extra social or administrative costs to consider. Times of high staff turnover can be managed using outsourced skills.

Continuity and risk management.

Viruses, ransomware and other cyber-threats pose a genuine risk to your organisation. Outsourcing the administration of core functions means your organisation is up-to-date on the latest anti-virus software. Options include ensuring your data is backed up, migrating to a hosted Exchange and 24/7 remote monitoring of vital functions. Remote system and network monitoring is a viable method of highlighting potential threats and acting on them to ensure business continuity.

Cost and efficiency savings.

Complicated back-office routines such as migrating customers to EDI?

Updating expensive computer equipment?

Space constraints and overhead costs?

All these issues can be solved by outsourcing.

Contact SIGAM for a no-obligation discussion on how we can assist your organisation in meeting its outsourcing needs.

Our dedicated team of project managers can provide invaluable advice on reducing costs of IT staff. We can provide suggestions on your IT strategy as well as what type of skills you need to get the job done.

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